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Menu planning


Darbas anglų kalba. Valgiaraščio sudarymas. Task 1. Menu planning. The method of cooking. Vegetarian option. Task 2. Nutritional factors and healthy diet. Task 3. College function. Conclusion.


The menu is a list of products or services from which the customer can make a choice or order from the following options. The menu is a communication tool between eatery and the customer. When the customer is studying a menu, he wants to see it clearly understandable so that misunderstandings could not be occurred.

In this task I represent a three course Table D’Hote menu that includes the following.

I designed this menu for the banqueting functions which can be provided in the outlet up to five stars with a big banqueting suites facility.
The menu is based on English food and can be used on the lunch or dinner suitable for a big also for small companies’ conferences and events.

The customer type can be middle aged males and females (no children include). There is also a certain type of food to prepare for the vegetarian options, religion or diet, so the customers can expect a nice balanced three course meal during the event with the opportunity to be changed. The dining facilities are clean, light, well ventilated and spacious to support good nutrition through the enjoyment of healthy eating.
The menu meal is different shaped and particularly colorful with a difference of taste: ...

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